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Facebook: Interesting New Features

Facebook, probably the most famous social media website today, has recently added some new features to its platform. Many have not noticed these features yet, but they are extremely important to use, especially if you use Facebook for business purposes. So without wasting any time, lets get onto what these features are

Advertisement accounts can now be accessed by multiple users:
Previously it was quite frustrating for advertisers to know that their advertising accounts can only be accessed by one person at a time. However, this restriction has now been removed. Of course, if you are a small brand, this feature wont be of high importance to you; but for bigger brands, it sure is. With this change, you can now give admin access to your teams as well. They can monitor results and share the information with others as well. That is a really good feature that can help advertising teams on Facebook to garner better results!

The all-new rating system:
This is another important feature Facebook has recently announced. This is a valuable function to those running retail businesses on Facebook. Previously, your friends or people in your list were only able to Like your brand page, but now they can even rate it. They can also add reviews so that others can view it. Facebook has integrated a five-star rating framework that allows your friends to rate your page. This means that you can now get to know whether all the people in your list are actually the ones who like your brand or not.

Questions on Facebook:
Facebook has announced a new feature known as Facebook Questions. Right now, this feature is not available for everyone. However, once it gets in the publics hands, it will prove to be a revolutionary feature. Users will be capable of crowd-sourcing solutions to their concerns just like Yahoo and LinkedIn users. For instance, if you run a brand page on Facebook, you will be able to ask your members what they feel about your brand, etc. This feature will act as a survey which you can run within your Facebook profile. This will be a beneficial feature for businesses on Facebook but we have to wait for it for now.

Multiple posts can receive threaded comments:
This is particularly a very useful feature, and the good news is that it is already in effect. For instance, 20 of friends post the same link again and again on your profile, it will aggregate as one single thread and all the comments regarding the post will be summed up at once place. This means that if you are spreading the word about your brand and you are leaving posts on the walls of your friends, you wont need to check out their comments separately. All their comments will be present at one place.

Are all these new features good?
Well, you cant really say whether these features will be interesting for the masses or not, but they sure look promising right now.

Karriann Graf is a Social Media Manager/Strategist for small businesses and real estate professionals. Her focus is to help you learn about the best Social Media methods to connect with your clients and customers and increase your revenue.

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