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How To Start A Facebook Fan Page

Creating a Facebook fan page can give your business the boost it needs. There are many small and big companies that are taking advantage of Facebook by creating their own fan page. Having a “commercial” page on the Facebook network helps you to build your brand as well as gives you opportunities to get people to recognize your products. This helps you to have real and direct interactions with your target market and build your customer base. In this article we will help you build your own fan page and tell you how to get the most from one.

Aim at creating live conversations that are ongoing. There are several ways to accomplish that; first with your fan page and general status updates plus with the discussion app which is pretty cool. Work your fanbase by showing you care; and just talk to people, ask them questions, solicit feedback or whatever works best. Doing that will accomplish many things, and it will also give you a better idea about your audience. Don’t restrict any conversations and let there be a free flow so that you know exactly what’s happening. Once you know what people are saying you can take control of the conversation. Fan pages are also effective in the area of customer relations, and you’ll be in the driver’s seat and can smooth things over, if possible. The best approach is to be as professional as possible.

Make sure that your Facebook page has a good welcome tab. A welcome tab serves as the official greeting to your page and is a great way to say “hello” to new visitors–which will help them feel warm and welcoming to your brand and to you. It also gives you a perfect opportunity to directly ask them to fan your page (aka the call to action).

You can also use this tab as a place to illustrate any special deals you may be offering as incentive for becoming one of your fans. Really, you can use this tab for anything that you think would make an appropriate welcoming gesture to new fans.

Use a variety of promotional methods to spread the word about your fan page. Add the page to your e-mail signature, put a link on your site’s homepage and market it on other social networks.

Mention it in every communication you have with bloggers. Don’t forget to tell your existing customers about your page so that they can be come fans as well.

Anyone can build a Facebook fan page, and all you really need is to find a good resource for it. All you have to do is a little searching, but be sure you look around and find reputable information. Avoid rushing to get your page live because you need to look really sharp – so take your time and do it right.

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