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Make Your Own Facebook Applications

Engage your Customers with your Facebook Applications

Since the inception of the internet, it has been widely used for communicating with other people. One of the top activities in the internet is the voracious usage of different social networking sites such as Facebook. Facebook’s format and wide array of functions make it the number one social networking site.

There are a lot of reasons why many people are using Facebook such as the easy use and dissemination of content, you can tag friends in shared items, make your own groups and fan pages for your own brands. Another great feature of Facebook is it allows users to create various customized applications within its framework.

What is a Facebook Application?

Before, Facebook features were more like the conventional media with adding friends and creating groups based on common interests and affiliations. Applications in Facebook are for the entertainment of the users such as in the form of social gaming where you could include friends and users across the world. When Facebook opened its platform to developers around the world, everyone can submit their applications to Facebook. It will be featured live as soon as it is certified by Facebook.

How do Applications help in Brand Marketing?

An average user would spend an ample time in text-rich sections of the website. However, we must admit that text-based sections also have their own limitations when it comes to attracting and holding the attention of users. This is where applications become important. Games such as Farmville are very popular to Facebook users and can engage them for longer hours.

For a brand, a Facebook application can be an effective tool in gathering and engaging audience in a long period of time. Users who are interested in the particular game will stay and play until the completion of the application. Some brands embed logos and branding subtly in the application. Moreover, subtle messages can give more brand recall and attitude change as compared to intrusive advertisements.

For the benefit of marketers, Facebook can gather the stats of the subscribers of the application to know what type of users are attracted to the brand. This can be beneficial in assessment of brands marketing campaign. Marketers can review their target audience and do campaign modifications.

Making Applications for your Brand

Developing applications for Facebook may require adequate programming knowledge. Facebook set its own guidelines for the creation and submission of applications. This is important to make the application run. Brand owners and marketers can simply avail the service of developers who may help in developing an application for your brand and to ensure that your brand marked its presence in Facebook.

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