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Social Facebook, news in applications

Another fetish of our decade is surely represented by social networks, first of all for Facebook, which thanks to its widespread distribution, well-being are now 500 000 subscribers who connect and interact daily in the website, which have now become part of the habits and customs. In many cases, even they themselves have changed the making of gestures required. How many times have you happened to see people walking while writing, tweeting on Twitter or other social networks of global reach by their mobile phones? And this is not just a habit that can be found among younger people, which surely are the most familiar with, but also “unexpected”.

Just for the integration of technology and being connected always and everywhere are born the new Facebook applications that focus on the functions of location-based and seek to “earn” something to their users through the function called “places”. Submitted November 3 by the same Mark Zuckerberg, twenty-six years old founder of Facebook, the social network at the headquarters in Palo Alto, California. The managing director has in fact announced that the company is working on applications fully compatible with the spirit of social philosophy and social network. A technically simpler and more versatile to allow communication on the move.

This work therefore focuses on improving the platform that runs the system. There are four key hubs which have focused on application developers. The first is the same login, the replacement of the entry form credentials with a button that allows access within the social network.

The second is the “Places”, already present in the social network that allows real-time signal their location. Since the function has been used less than expected by users, developers have decided to increase its use through a technique is very simple: you notify you in that store you are and in return the business to offer a small gift.

The third line of development is that which concerns the making available of those who produce most of the applications system that runs the option Places. Developers will be able to add functionality to geographic information in their applications, by better integrating the social network in their programs.

The fourth line of development is that relating to applications for the iPhone, and Android iPad
The iPhone application has been updated to add “Groups”, the new option to create groups of friends within the social network with which to share content. The new version features interface changes that simplify the integration of image and status. In manufacturing there is a new version of Android that will include features places and groups, motivated by the still absent from the smartphone operating system from Google.

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